Lawn care tips for a thriving summer paradise

As the sun-soaked days of summer unfold, your lawn demands a bit more attention to transform into a green sanctuary. Beyond basic watering, our DIY tips promise not just survival but a thriving lawn that stands out in your neighbourhood.

With the help of our lawn care tips and range of products you should be able to enjoy a lush

garden and lawn all summer long.

Choose the right grass

Selecting the perfect grass variety is the first step to a vibrant summer lawn. Explore options like Mondo Grass ‘Japonicusfor mass planting, Pet Grass for year-round greenery loved by pets, and Mondo Grass ‘Kyotofor filling spaces between paths and landscaping features.

Water deeply and thoughtfully

Your lawn will be especially thirsty in summer, don’t let it dry out. Look out for warning signs such as wilting leaves, excess of pests and reduced new growth. These could indicate that your soil is depleted of moisture and needs a boost. Top watering lawn care tips include:

  • Watering once or twice a week. Be careful not to over water it, unless you want a pest and fungus breeding ground.
  • Try water in the early morning before the sun is at its peak heat.
  • Test your soil by giving it a squeeze, if it sticks together you’ve watered enough, if it crumbles you need to water more.

Mow high for healthy lawn care

Mowing becomes an art form in the summertime. Instead of a close shave, maintain a slightly higher grass height for multiple benefits. By consistently mowing but not too much, you encourage new root growth and enhance heat tolerance. The added height of your grass blades also acts as a natural shade, reducing water evaporation. Ensure your lawn mower blades stay sharp, as dull ones can result in grass tearing rather than clean cuts.

Fertilise for lush, green grass

Transform your lawn into a vibrant, lush haven by providing it with the essential nutrients it craves through strategic fertilisation. Choose the right fertiliser to cater to specific needs, whether it’s insect control or bolstering overall plant vitality. Consider opting for the Wonder Lawn and Leaf fertiliser, a fantastic choice that not only promotes a green and healthy lawn but also addresses various aspects of plant well-being.

Weed control

Combat weeds before they seed chaos. Vigilant weeding, backed by effective products like Clear Pave, proves the ultimate strategy against broadleaf weeds and invasive flora. Upholding consistency in weed control not only preserves the beauty of your lawn but also ensures a thriving and pristine outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Be on the lookout for pests

Monitor your lawn vigilantly for potential pests like moles, caterpillars, flies, and the notorious mosquito. Arm yourself against these intruders with Avigard, that helps protect your plants from pest invasions.

Keep your grass clear

It’s essential to avoid leaving furniture, toys and other objects on your grass overnight. This simple yet crucial act serves as a preventive measure, averting the development of unsightly yellow spots and offering ample space for your lawn to flourish. By clearing the area regularly, you not only maintain the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space but also create an environment that fosters the optimal growth and health of your lawn.

Ready to enhance your lawn’s appearance this summer? Follow these tips for top-notch lawn care advice and product recommendations. Explore our online store now to discover a variety of new grasses and essential lawn care products, ensuring your lawn thrives in all its green glory!