Coming up roses: DIY flower crafts this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and what better way to express your love than through the timeless beauty of roses? Dive into the art of crafting with these exquisite blooms and turn this Valentine’s Day into a celebration of creativity and romance. Let’s explore flower crafts with real roses from Plantland that will leave a lasting impression.

A palette of colours and textures

Roses come in a spectrum of colours and textures, each offering a unique opportunity for creative expression. Discover a variety of roses, from the vibrant orange Bloomin’ Easy Rose to the delicate yellow Banksiae Lutea. Embrace the enchantment of white Flower Carpet Roses, the glam of pink Hannon Glam Guru, and the warmth of apricot-coloured Just Joey. Explore even more hues, including bold reds like Scarlet Flower Carpet Rose and Little Red Hedge

Drying petals for a fragrant keepsake

Capture the essence of your roses by drying their petals for unique keepsakes. Dried rose
petals add a touch of romance to various crafts, from potpourri to homemade bath products.
Follow these simple steps to dry your rose petals:
● Harvesting: Choose roses that are fully bloomed and free from blemishes.
● Air drying: Hang the roses upside down in a dark, dry place. This method preserves
colour and fragrance.
● Microwave method: Place petals between paper towels and microwave in short bursts
until dry.

Personalised rose flower box

Elevate your gifting game by creating a personalised rose flower box. Mix and match roses of
different colours and sizes, incorporating the vivid yellows of Banksiae Lutea with the pristine
whites of Flower Carpet Roses. Here are some tips to create your own flower box:

  1. Selecting the box: Choose a wooden or decorative box that complements the roses.
  2. Arranging the roses: Trim the stems and arrange the roses by height, creating a visually
    appealing display.
  3. Adding extras: Enhance the arrangement with greenery, baby’s breath, chocolates or
    other filler flowers.

DIY rose water for radiant skin

Elevate your skincare routine with the enchanting benefits of DIY rose water. This versatile elixir not only offers a fragrant touch to your beauty regimen but also boasts soothing and hydrating properties for a radiant complexion. Try recreating this simple recipe:

1. Ingredients: Gather fresh rose petals, distilled water, and a pot with a lid.

2. Steeping Process: Place the petals in the pot, cover with distilled water, and simmer on low heat.

3. Straining: Once cooled, strain the liquid, and transfer the rose water to a spray bottle.

How to extend the beauty of your roses

To ensure your flower crafts contain roses that remain lush from when you buy them, follow these simple steps.

● Trim the stems at an angle and remove any leaves that might sit below the waterline to prevent bacterial growth.

● Place your roses in a clean vase with fresh water mixed with flower food.

● Keep the water clear by changing it every few days, and display your rose creations away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Craft your rose-inspired creations today

This Valentine’s Day, let your creativity bloom with captivating DIY flower crafts. Explore the diverse roses and range of plants at Plantland, and transform these beautiful blooms into memorable gifts. Craft fragrant keepsakes, personalised flower boxes, and beauty elixirs that convey your love in a truly unique way.

Ready to embark on your rose-inspired crafting journey? Explore our exquisite rose collection and other gifts and infuse your Valentine’s Day with the magic of flower crafts.