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Here’s to the plants that fill our lives with green wonder.

Whether they’ve shared in our quiet moments or sparked joy with their vibrant blossoms, whether they’ve gently taught us the virtue of patience as we watch them grow or soothed our senses with their subtle scents, they enrich our lives in so many ways. Let’s take a moment to appreciate our greenery.

dad and daughter in the garden


In the spirit of fun and excitement, we’ve hidden mischievous gnomes within the pages of some of the best gardening magazines.
Find them, and you’ll earn your entry into the Thanks Plants competition.
Each monthly prize is valued at R10,000 and consists of the following items:
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Do you gnome why plants are the best?

Here are some fascinating reasons why we love plants:


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Pimp your Pots

Potted Magic The magic mathematics of a good-looking pot, starts with a thriller, a filler and a spiller. This ratio of plants is the beginning


Plantland, Starke Ayres, The Gardener Magazine and Die Tuinier

Partners in Plants, add this copy: Plantland, Starke Ayres, The Gardener Magazine and Die Tuinier Tydskrif have joined forces to bring you an incredible showcase of the power of plants and the wonders of gardening! We’re on a mission to educate everyone about the fantastic benefits of gardening and the sheer joy and fulfilment that plants can bring to our lives.

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