Get Your Lawn Spring Ready

For many of us, a luscious lawn is one of the most important features of the garden come warmer months. We all want picture-perfect grass that’s a beautiful shade of green – lovely for lounging on, running across barefoot, or simply admiring from the patio. We certainly don’t want an eyesore of shabby, moss-filled, half-dead turf to be the focal point of our garden.

As with most landscaping projects, success is dependent on getting a head start before the growing season is in full swing. So, if you would like to grow a healthy, green lawn this summer, then you must start preparing now. Read on to discover our spring lawn care tips.

Give it a rake

Raking is the first thing you need to do when getting your lawn ready for new growth. Start by raking up all the debris scattered across the yard, including twigs, acorns, stones, branches, litter, and dead leaves.

Thwart weed growth

To prevent weeds from taking over your lawn this summer, apply a pre-emergent herbicide like, Protek’s Lawn vs Weeds, in the spring. It’s a way of feeding your lawn. Think of it as giving the lawn antibiotics. This type of weed controller is formulated to prevent weed seeds from germinating, which will greatly reduce the number of weeds popping up. Reapply it again during the summer.

Nourish your lawn

What you treat your lawn with is very important. To get your lawn off to a healthy start, apply fertiliser (Organic – Gro green or Lawn & Foliage fertiliser) in the spring. Use a slow release fertiliser as its vital nutrients break down over an extended period of time, so you won’t have to reapply the fertiliser so often. In most cases you can wait six to eight weeks between applications.

If your spring lawn is looking a little bare or patchy in places, you might want to give it a boost with some extra grass seeds – a process known as over-seeding.

Water the grass (if necessary)

Of course, every lawn needs water. In summer this is especially important – no one wants a dry, yellowing patch of turf on their plot. However, in spring, the intermittent showers generally take care of things, so you don’t have to. If watering during spring, the best time of day would be early morning or early evening.

Mow your lawn

Start mowing when the ground is dry enough and grass is long enough to require cutting. When it comes time to mow your lawn for the first time of the year—mid- to late-spring in most regions—raise the mowing deck to its highest setting. Avoid mowing too low. Grass cut too short allows sunlight to reach soil, encouraging weed seeds to germinate. It also favours shallow root development, which makes the lawn more easily susceptible to drought stress. After the initial mow, proceed to mow your lawn once a week during spring.

Take care of your lawn.

By following all these tips mentioned above, you will have a great looking lawn in no time. Contact your nearset branch to find out more about our Lawn & Garden Booster fertiliser which also is a must for lawns.