Indoor plants: choosing the best one for every room

When it comes to interior decorating, everyone has their favourite colours, themes and personal touches that send a signature pop. Why not apply that same concept for each room using indoor plants? Not only a great way to green the home but also a genius way to provide incredible benefits like detoxing, filtering and even adding an extra hand in the kitchen. We break down the perfect picks for each room to help make your choice easier.

Get planning with the world of indoor plants

To get a head start on familiarising yourself with our top trending indoor plants, explore our online catalogue. We provide both the range we have on our shelves in our store, as well as our plants featured on our online shop. You’ll have these nursery names added to your gardening glossary and soon enough, know which rooms they are best suited for!

Indoor plants: room by room

When it comes to picking the perfect plant for any room, think of important factors like light, room function and where you are wanting to add your plant — consider all spaces: floor space, tabletops, on a shelf and even getting them airborne with hanging baskets. You’ll want to balance a focal feature with something that doesn’t overpower a space physically. Plus, when you place the right plant in the right room, you will unlock incredible benefits.

Bedroom, guestroom and baby’s room

Rooms for hosting guests and ensuring a good night’s sleep require plants that calm, soothe and even filter toxins. We love cyclamens for their ability to eliminate insomnia, crush chronic tiredness, dash away depression, and ease irritability. The tiny but mighty snake plant actively absorbs cancer-causing pollutants (like CO2, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene). Additionally, it is a great defence against airborne allergies, providing great relief for allergy sufferers.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. From those special times preparing meals together with loved ones, to those tastes and smells creating memorable moments. In between the chatter and chopping, plants that require frequent watering work well since your sink is on standby. But there isn’t any better option than those there to help you cook, like fresh herbs. Why not add containers of basil, thyme, parsley or mint? You’ll love the convenience and the welcomed fresh scents wafting around.

Living room

Not only one of the more traffic-high areas of the house, but the living room also provides the best showcase spaces for floor potted plants. Think bigger and greener with floor decor pots. They serve as a refreshing focal point for barren corners needing mother nature’s magic while breathing out life into your living room. We love the majestic Fiddle Leaf Fig and its relatives Ficus Robusta and Ficus elastica Abidjan. And for coffee tables, you can never go wrong with ever enchanting orchids to create elegant spaces.

Dining room

The dining room is a place for replenishment and conversation. Why not spark the space with a striking choice of philodendrons as your floor decor or tabletop delights with begonias or golden pothos plants.


Think fresh, fabulous and designed to withstand humidity. Lean towards plants with a tropical background like ferns. We love the Davallia Fern Bowl as well as the Rumohra adiantiformis. And don’t forget to adorn your bathroom canopies (shelves, cupboards and railings) with air plants like tillandsia.

Home office

Working from home requires a specialised space, one which is welcoming as well as calming for those hours of hustle and bustle. Keep in mind the amount of working space you need, the type of lighting your work requires and something low-maintenance. We suggest plants don’t grow too quickly, promote productivity and help prevent fatigue. A top favourite will always be succulents. Explore our range of echeveria for a soothing mandala-like appearance with variations of colours and shapes.