Gardening to-dos post vacation

Nothing says “No One is Home!” like an unkempt lawn, flowerbeds overrun with weeds, or rotting fruits. It’s important to keep your garden and landscaping maintained while you are away, but don’t fear if you did not keep your thumb on it, there is still hope.

Even if we can find a friend who’s willing to take in the mail or walk our dog while we’re on vacation, plant moms and dads know how much of a gamble they’re taking when they leave their precious plants for more than a few days. But there are ways you can keep your plants alive after returning from your vacation.

Follow the next tips and tricks to turn your garden around so that it will still look AMAZING even after your vacation:


After returning from your holiday, remove any faded or dead flowers. This will force plants to concentrate their energy on new growth, meaning you will soon have beautiful new blooming flowers, for a fresh start.

Mow your lawn

Upon returning from your very relaxing vacation your lawn might be looking like a forest. Give your grass a good cut for a more fresher look to your lawn . Try not to cut it too low as you could risk scalping the grass. A light trim is recommended to ensure it stays looking healthy.

Make time for weeding

As soon as you arrive back home, make some time to weed your garden. This can either be done by hand, or alternatively, you can make your own homemade chemical-free weedkiller. If that sounds like too much work, you can always use the amazing Protek’s Clear Pave to get rid of those nasty weeds.

Cover your soil with mulch

If your beddings is looking a little drab after not receiving as much TLC, try adding a protective layer of mulch or bark on top of your soil, flowers and boarders. By doing this, the rain water will be able to retain. The plants will then be able to drink it when they need to. Adding fresh mulch to planting beds will conserve moisture and reduce weed growth.


Give your plants plenty of water after cleaning up weeds and dead heading. With South African weather extremely unpredictable as of late, it can be hard to know whether your garden will get any rain. Make sure to wet your plants completely so they can have a nice drink after the thirst of being away on holidays.

Invest in an automatic plant watering system

We highly suggest purchasing an automatic watering system for the next time you go away on holiday. With the GARDENA Holiday Watering Set, up to 36 potted plants can be automatically watered. In this way, you can conveniently water your plants without the watering can – and you will have an ideal substitute while you are absent. Plus, you can use this system throughout the year.

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