Flowers and plants for driveways to enhance your home’s curb appeal

For South African homeowners, enhancing curb appeal can prove challenging due to the tall walls that provide us with both privacy and security. With the right plants for driveways and some strategic gardening techniques, you can transform your front garden into a lush, inviting oasis that also adds significant value to your property.

1.   Embrace the walls with climbers and creepers

High walls can sometimes feel imposing, but with the right plants, they can become a canvas for nature’s art. Consider climbers like Jasmine or Bougainvillea. Their vibrant flowers and pleasant aroma can soften the appearance of brick and concrete, making your home feel more welcoming.

plants for driveways

2.   Add roses for timeless charm

plants for driveways

While roses require some care, their timeless beauty is worth the effort. These iconic flowers have graced gardens for centuries, symbolising love, passion, and elegance.

The B anksiae ‘Alba Plena’ serves as a beautiful backdrop for any garden setting, while the yellow Banksiae ‘Lutea’ can add a sunny touch to your garden, brightening up any space.

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3.   Celebrate South African flora

 Indigenous plants are well-suited to the local climate and need minimal water and maintenance. They’re perfect for the South African weather and can thrive even during the drier months, making them ideal plants for driveways.

 Aloe Orange Delight is a small to medium aloe, with attractive orange flowers. It’s drought-resistant and waterwise, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your driveway.

 The Agapanthus Africanus Lapis and Agapanthus Blackjack are beautiful flowering plants that can line your driveway with stunning blue and deep purple colours during blooming season.

plants for driveways

4.   The magic of ornamental grasses

 Ornamental grasses can add texture and movement to your landscape. They sway gracefully with the wind and can be a delightful sight, especially when planted alongside your driveway. They can serve as borders, fillers, or even standalone features, making them versatile and a favourite among garden enthusiasts.

Especially in between hard landscaping materials, Mondo Grass ‘Kyoto’ serves as an exceptional tuft-forming grass and a brilliant filler plant.

 Mondo Grass ‘Vittatus’, with its distinctive green and white variegated leaves, is an excellent choice for driveway landscaping.

Plants for driveways

5.   Containers and pots

If you’re short on space or have a paved driveway, containers are your best friends. Fill them with vibrant shrubs or succulents, and place them strategically along your driveway or near your entrance for an instant uplift. Understand our pot and container sizes with this helpful guide.

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Plants for driveways

1.   Plants for driveways: Maintenance matters

While it’s essential to choose plants that enhance curb appeal, it’s equally crucial to maintain them. Regular pruning, watering, and care will ensure that your garden looks its best throughout the year.

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6. Give your home curb appeal with Plantland

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal with gardening is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that resonates with your personality and the local environment. With the right plants and a touch of creativity, you can transform your front garden into a paradise that invites visitors and offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, roll up your sleeves, shop at Plantland, and let’s get gardening.

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