Dear Plants

Dear Plants,

I should have learnt to appreciate your magic from when I was a child playing with dandelions – marveling at what I truly believed at the time to be spectacular, I should have learnt to appreciate your magic from then on.  

I’d watch my grandmother tend to her grass & watering it after sundown. Most times she’d be bended over picking at her flower beds. I watched my happy, relaxed grandmother from a distance, humming a church hymn as she admired her garden.

I understand now why she put so much effort placing tea bags in a pot plant (but still can’t fathom why crushed eggshells though?)

I am older & so my friends and PLANTS, we have our hands deep in the sand, mixing fertilizers, sprinkling vegetable seeds or planting seedlings; all in an effort to grow our own food & to contribute to this constantly evolving eco-system.

My relationship with gardening is mostly for nourishment; but I am slowly filling my house with indoor plants, not just for the aesthetic. I have read that YOU help with keeping me relaxed, improve my concertation, freshen up the air & help with my sleep!

We have been dealing with Covid since 2020, this has helped me get to know you better plants. I remember feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders & that we were finally breathing when I finally took my child out to the park after being locked in doors for weeks on end.  

This pandemic has reminded a lot of my kind that majority of pharmaceutical medicine is made from plants! So we went looking for Maringo, Schinus Molle , Ginger, Turmeric and so many other plants just so we can mix our own muthi! The idea that there are plants made to heal specific parts of my human body blows my mind away! Thank you for taking care of us so effortlessly.

Lastly, dear PLANT, an old lover sent me an Anthurium Laceleaf. Ah! What aa gorgeous work of art! I almost invited him back in my life, especially if these are the kinds of gifts, he’s learnt give.

Thank you for helping with oxygen, food, medicine and fuel. I feel like I’m leaving the other many wonderful things you do for us Plants.

My gratitude expands throughout all this green earth! On a day of giving thanks, I will remember to say Thank You Plants!