Curate a garden lifestyle in 2021

You’ve heard the phrase ‘going green’, but now you want to try it. Best way to do it? Start creating a garden lifestyle. This isn’t just your regular pottering around in your flower beds and veggie patch, but embracing both a wholesome and holistic approach. What better way to start aligning all of this with the dawn of a new year? Your garden is so much more than a herbaceous patch – it’s time to appreciate it as much as possible.

Planting roots for a garden lifestyle

Firstly, a garden lifestyle is simply one in which you, your way of living and your goals are in cooperation with nature. Alongside with some home garden resolutions to start you off, the goal of a lifestyle is to allow it to permeate throughout your whole approach to living. These include everything from growing and harvesting, but also dynamic aspects like education, health, fitness and even bringing your love for the outdoors within your home.

Importance of nurturing your garden lifestyle

To get the most out of this new lifestyle remember that as you care for your garden, let the process also nurture you. Allow it to be a haven as well as a space for a healthy challenge. Embrace your garden in its entirety and you will appreciate all that it has to offer you.

Approach a garden lifestyle through: 

Eco-consciousness and permaculture

Every gardener at some point in their life has come to know the importance of caring for the earth through gardening. Once you watch the space transform in seasons and observe it over the years, you will notice its patterns and needs intimately and intuitively. While it provides you with lovely blossoms and prized produce, you will find reward in creating eco-friendly ways of caring for it. Think of catching water, planting companion crops, designing an efficient garden and generally reducing your footprint through changed habits. Cherish what your garden has to offer and let innovation guide you.

Activities and entertaining

While the garden is part work, it is also a lot of fun. If you like to host gatherings, perhaps start featuring them more in your garden space. Take regular walks through your garden, invite family and friends over to partake in a gardening session and perhaps even volunteer to care for a community garden or plot. Not only will you enjoy more time invested in gardening, you may make new friends and expose someone to gardening for the first time. What a wonderful joy to share and spread with others.

Fitness and health

Gardening is grounding. This is a therapeutic technique which simply helps with calming the body. Walking barefoot in the grass, immersing your hands in rich soil and breathing in the fresh air helps to transfer the earth’s energy (or electrons) to the body. Not only is gardening great for your wellbeing but also physical robustness. Bending over, digging, and watering all aid in developing motor skills and also double up in exercising mobility and flexibility. Not to mention a healthy glow when you spend time soaking up some vitamin D (just remember your sunhat and sunscreen).

Education and learning

Gardening will promote a sense of wonder in the young and old. Beyond your plants, you are tending to an ecosystem. Little gardeners will marvel at growth, insects and small animals that visit. Older gardeners will study best practices, growing indigenously and will pass this information and love for the garden to the next generation. Curating and encouraging a love for the outdoors also adds a host of life skills like responsibility, discipline, discovery, understanding life science, nutrition, patience and a healthy dose of humility through nature. The garden as a classroom? Yes, please.

Bringing the outdoors in

Lastly, to completely embrace a garden lifestyle, allow your love for the garden to enter your home interior. Waking up to houseplants to greet you in the morning is aesthetically pleasing, but also adds a healthy dose of green in the home. Feature fresh botanical scents that excite you, consume the herbs and produce you grow, and create a green serene retreat. Your home should reflect the lifestyle you lead — let it be one that roots you.

Go green, stay green

We hope you enjoy exploring the possibilities of a garden lifestyle. For more ideas on giving your garden the best and getting most out of it, peruse our blog articles. To get advice from a Plantland garden expert, contact us.