Crafty DIY garden ideas: homemade products grown in your backyard

As garden lovers, we want to ensure you get the most out of your garden. And to do that, why not get your hands busy with these crafty DIY garden ideas. We collected some great activities for you to make and master at home to spread the joy of garden-sourced homemade goods.

Grow more than just a garden

Being a gardener means more than just growing a plant or a whole garden. It’s also about all the things you can create and enjoy! We love the idea of getting crafty with DIY garden ideas after you’ve successfully nurtured a plant. So far, we have explored the ways you can harness the incredible benefits of medicinal plants. Now, get ready to add another talent to your gardening CV, tie on your crafting apron and read on to start creating these homemade goodies.

Dig into these DIY garden ideas

We collected different crafty ideas to apply cosmetically, one to drink and one for decoration. You’ll just need to decide which one is your new favourite.


Not only are the rose blooms in your garden a delight to admire, but they also make for fabulous cosmetics ingredients. One such clever creation — rose water. Uses of rose water can be traced back to the Middle East, applied in a number of treatments, including cosmetic and medicinal. Combining the powers of aromatherapy, rose water calms headaches and soothes mental health woes, while being a great topical antibacterial agent. With such a dynamic natural remedy at hand, it would be a waste to not use your rose for all its glory.

Rose water recipe

Items needed:

  • Organic roses petals
  • Bowl/colander
  • Pot
  • Distilled water
  • Strainer


  1. Cut and gather roses from your garden, avoiding making contact with any thorns. Then, remove the rose petals from the stem — this can be achieved by plucking a petal off at a time or twisting the rose head off the stem.

Tip: use organic roses to avoid bringing pesticides or herbicides into your homemade beauty products.

  1. Wash the petals in a bowl of water or colander to remove the remaining bugs and dirt on the rose petals. Rinse well and drain.
  2. Then, once the petals are cleaned, place them in a large pot and cover them with distilled water — you can expect a few petals to float to the water’s surface. Begin to simmer the rose petals on low for about 15 minutes until the colour fades entirely, looking pale and a little droopy. Remove the pot from the burner to let them sit and cool.
  3. Once the rose water has cooled, strain the rose petals through a mesh colander, pouring the rose water into a clean canning jar.
  4. Place a lid on your rose water jar and store it in the refrigerator.

Uses for rose water


Soak a cotton ball with rose water and rub it lightly on your face. (Dilute the rose water down to 3 parts water and 1 part rose water for sensitive skin types).

Makeup setting solution

Place your homemade rose water into a misting spray bottle and spritz it on your face to set makeup.

Bath fragrance

Add 1-2 cups to your bath for a rose-scented soaking experience.

Refresher spray

Spray your rose water on your skin to freshen up and add a light fragrance on hot days.

Cocktail mixer

Want to harness the magic of mint at home? Mint simple syrup is here to help. A simple syrup strikes a balance of sweet and minty in a pre-dissolved solution. Nobody likes the shock of sugary sludge at the bottom of an unmixed drink. Ugh. This concoction allows you to have the perfect ingredient on hand to add that professional, refreshing touch to beverages, fudge, your family’s chocolate cake recipe and more.

Mint simple syrup recipe

Items needed:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ½ cup mint chopped
  • Bowl
  • Colander
  • Pan
  • Strainer


  1. Gather mint from your garden. Rinse leaves thoroughly in a bowl or colander to remove dirt and bugs.
  2. Place water and sugar into a pan. Heat the sugar mixture and stir continuously until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  3. Take the pan off the burner, add in the chopped mint,  and let the mixture steep while covered until it reaches room temperature.
  4. Strain the mint leaves out of the syrup and decant the syrup into a sterilised container. You can store your mint simple syrup in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Uses for mint simple syrup

Think of anything from mint water, limeade, tea, mojitos mixer or just that perfect dash of refreshing coolness in confections and baked goods.

Homemade foliage designs

Bring your favourite plants into your home in a unique way — by creating fabric designs from your foliage. Capture the stunning shapes of fronds, leaves, petals and more by using them as stamps. Just gather a few inspiring pieces and get started.

Natural stamps for fabric and more

Items needed:

  • Fabric paint (pick your favourite colours)
  • Paper plate or painting tray
  • Gathered materials from the garden (palm fronds or leaves)
  • Muslin or another choice of fabric


  1. Once you have identified which items you want to use as stamps — lightly dust, rinse and dry the leaves for a clean surface to work with.
  2. Prepare a plate with paint evenly distributed to use as a paint application tray. (Think of bright variations of greens and pinks for summer inspiration or use yellows, oranges, reds and browns for autumn).
  1. Spread out your fabric of choice and visually map out where you want your leaf impressions. Or, you can enjoy a purely ad hoc approach and just stamp as you go along.
  2. Take your leaf, evenly press it into the tray of paint and then place it on the fabric. Continue until you achieve the effect you want using as many leaves and colour variations.
  3. Let your paint dry on the fabric. Then use your new fabric design to create whatever you want. Think of table runners for your patio area, aprons, cushion covers, a hanging canvas wall decoration — the possibilities are endless. 

Get cracking on crafting

All the best experimenting with your homegrown goods with these fun and functional DIY garden ideas great for gifts, or as a treat for yourself. For more ideas on the ways you can get the most out of your garden, explore our archive of garden articles. And be sure to browse our online nursery to achieve the garden of your dreams.