Decorating with flowers: rethink the traditional Christmas flowers

Getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year? You’ll be happy to know that when we think festive, we think floral! And nothing quite gets us as excited as rounding up some handpicked holiday favourites. Get ready to rethink your go-to Christmas plants and explore some sizzling shades, perfect for holiday decorating with flowers.

Deck more than the halls this holiday

Decorating with flowers has been a longstanding tradition throughout cultures, holidays and social events. You wouldn’t be wrong to think of a poinsettia when you have Christmas in mind. But as it does so well in our South African climate, we explore how to get the most out of your poinsettia and keep it thriving year-round.

And now, we introduce more options to add to your festive occasions. With bold and bright botanicals selected, we’re going to set a new theme for your home and garden this Christmas. Get out your mood board and pick your new plant palette to enjoy, from inside the home or on your patio.

Splash out with celebratory shades

South Africa’s range of summer plants is a celebration in itself. From fancy foliage to aloes, ground covering flowers to blossoming trees, colour is just about popping everywhere. We chose some fabulous finds for you to bring home this holiday season. Think palettes of reds, oranges and bright purples for your sub-tropical holiday planning — and discover your new decor tradition.

Aloe porcupine

The aloe porcupine  — part plant, part cascading colour feature. Ranging from bi-coloured flowers in red to cream-white, this unique dwarf aloe repeatedly blooms. Not only is it ideal in both potted containers and garden landscaping, but it’s also a top pick as a drought-resistant water-wise plant. Its blossoms are not only a delight to look at, but will attract butterflies wherever you plant them. Let it enjoy the full sun and it will reward you in spectacular fashion during Christmas and beyond.

Camellia japonica

Also known as Kramer’s Supreme, this stunning shrub transforms your garden into a mesmerising wonderland. Its dark green glossy foliage, paired with its large bright semi-double red flowers bring a whole new meaning to a decorated tree. Not only is it bright, but it is also bee-friendly — a huge plus for any garden. While it is the star of the show, don’t let it stay in the direct light as it enjoys the shade in the ground or a container.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis longiflora Hera

Channel the triumph of the tropics with this glowing orange hibiscus.  Unlike Santa Claus, this evergreen flowering shrub makes regular appearances throughout the year with its magnificent reblooming. Give it full sun, warm climate conditions with moist, well-draining soil — and it will continue to bring the magic of the islands to your garden.

Decor idea: submerge your hibiscus bloom

To achieve this, take a suction cup and poke a needle through the centre knob, with the point facing upwards. Then, take a cut hibiscus bloom and poke the needle into the stem, running lengthwise. Stick the suction cup to the bottom of the glass with the flower attached and slowly fill your vase with water. Use it as a standalone feature to create a unique decor piece or pair with variations in more vases.

Hebe Santa Monica

Another evergreen flowering shrub, this is a dark gem amongst all the hebes. Luxuriously combining the floral with foliage, its purple and green features contrast and complement each other. In the colder months, its purple stems and rich green leaves get even richer in colour. Then, in the late spring and early summer, beetroot hued flowers will appear. Give this double act a spot in the full sun protected from frost and it will continue to awe you for many Christmases to come.

Plant new traditions — keep decorating with flowers

We wish you a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays. For more ideas on decorating with flowers or assistance with your next garden project, contact us.