Your December Checklist

Annuals & Bulbs

Don’t get too busy feeding friends and family that you forget to feed your annuals! Foliar feed before you head out for the holidays and come home to beautiful colour.

Roses & Pruning

Roses get thirsty in this hot weather. To prevent wasting water and watering too often, mulch around your roses. Keep plants healthy with regular feeding to improve heat and water tolerance.


Healthy lawns are great, but with healthy lawns come healthy weeds! Weeds need to be controlled without destroying your lawn. This is possible with any broadleaf herbicide available in stores today.

General Garden Maintenance

Treat yourself this Christmas and invest in a good quality, KBL Pressure Sprayer. Pressure sprayers make chemical applications easier and more accurate. They also save time & keep you fit!

Edible gardening: Herbs & Veggies

Summer means sun and heat which also means bugs. No one wants a Christmas feast with insects. Prevention is better than cure but if you do face a problem treat ASAP. Take photo’s – free advice in store!