Warm up with flaming-hot flowering shrubs

As the weather starts to cool down, and we head into the winter and spring months, we all need a little extra heat to keep us going. And this applies to your garden too. Perhaps it’s time to warm up your outdoor space to some vibrant red, orange and pink flowering shrubs? We’ve got all your favourites in-store, like Aloes, Euphorbia, and Camellias. And we’re sure having them growing at home will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. So, place an order online or swing by the Plantand Garden Centre nearest you when we are out of lockdown to pick up a vibrant selection.

Cosy up to these 5 flowering shrubs this winter

1. Aloe Peri-Peri

As sizzling-hot as the name suggests, the bright, burnt-orange blooms of the Aloe Peri-Peri are a favourite in South African winter gardens. The aloe is suitable for flower beds, rockeries, and containers, even flourishing in seemingly inhospitable, irregular landscapes. What’s more, it’s a waterwise indigenous plant, and is loved by butterflies – making it all the more lovely among the flowering shrubs in your winter garden. If you’d like to add a few of these beauties to your outdoor space, plant them in full sun for healthy plant growth and bounteous blooms.


2. Euphorbia hybrid ‘Pink Lipstick’

Succulents are beautiful in rock gardens, and when they have a little pop of colour, they can really elevate the look of surrounding lush greenery. One of our favourite succulents for the chillier seasons is the Euphorbia hybrid ‘Pink Lipstick’. It has large, protruding green leaves, soft thorns, and flowers that are reddish-pink in colour. It is an ideal choice for your winter garden as it starts flowering in late winter, and continues to produce blooms right through spring. Plant your Euphorbia plants in a dry area of your garden that receives plenty of light to enjoy a bright and colourful display.


3. Camellia japonica ‘Kramer’s Supreme’

Another stunning variety at this time of year, the winter-blooming Camellia japonica ‘Kramer’s Supreme’ is a fiery force of nature. Its striking red peony-like flowers pop against its dark green foliage – a real statement if you choose it for your winter garden beds. Just be sure to plant Camellia flowers in well-drained soil in a shaded area, as these plants are sensitive to excessive sunlight.


4. Aloe Firechief

All hail the Aloe Firechief, ruler of the winter garden! This popular indigenous plant produces gorgeous deep-orange flowers, attracting many butterflies and bird species. Like other aloe varieties, the Firechief is water-wise and hardy, making it a nice addition to a rockery-type landscape. We love this aloe because it brings the pop of red that we’re after this season, and the low-maintenance demands we expect from aloes.

5. Camellia hiemalis ‘Kanjiro’ 

Elegant, winter-loving, and produces semi-double cerise pink blooms? We’re talking about none other than the Camellia hiemalis ‘Kanjiro’. It looks stunning in hanging baskets and garden pots, flowering throughout winter. If you choose to plant yours in a container of some kind, just be sure to place it out of direct sunlight, as too much heat does not fare well for these flowering shrubs.


Which flowering shrubs and groundcovers will you choose?

When choosing between these flaming-hot flowering shrubs for your winter garden, you really can’t go wrong. They are all winners in our book! Explore Plantland’s full gardening range online.