Plants turn a house into a home

You’ve recently purchased a house or are experiencing a need to change your Fung Shui into a modern jungle. Basically, you ae trying to turn your building foundation into the home you want to blissfully exist in.

Adding a bit of greenery will make a world of difference in your space. For instance – if you add Aloe Vera, say in your bedroom – an extra benefit of decorating with this plant is that you are likely to sleep.

With a bit of cute elements and a lot of plants, your house will soon become a warm, soft, and inviting space to live in.

Where do you begin if you feel like you have the opposite of what plant lovers call green fingers? We have a few tips that could help get you started. Here is how:

Bring in Some Green

The colour green is alive, vibrant & never goes out of season, especially this year! Even better when it is plants hanging on walls, or chilling in a nicely lit spot in the house, or some herbs growing in cute unused jars on your kitchen windowsill. Lush green plants bring a sense of fresh air in a space!

When you do add some plants in your home, make it a personal experience! What do you like? If you visit a nursery such as Plantland in Pretoria – you can have a lengthy conversation about your plant needs with the staff.  

Here is are 3 plants that are healthy for your home

  1. Chlorophytum Comosum, also known as the Spider Plant, which just so happens to be indigenous to South Africa and other tropical places. This is a perfect plant for people who kill plants. The spider plant is easy to look after, prefers lots of indirect sunlight and water few times a week. This plant is especially great if you have kids or pets because it is non-toxic. Another positive add on is that the Spider Plant helps remove at least 95% of formadehyde, carbon dioxide & xylene from the air.
  2. Sanseveria, also known as Snake Plant, is an easy to take care of plant that can take different levels of light so it can be placed anywhere in the house as long as there is some sun seeping in that room. This plant is amazing mostly because it releases oxygen while removing tricholoroethylene, xylene, benzene and formadehyde from the air. Let’s not forget to mention that it is a cool looking plant.
  3. Peace Lilly already creates a relaxing mood just thinking of it. It’s beautiful leathery leaves, its stunning white flowers, and its ability to help clear dust in a room by 20%. When you water a Peace Lilly – magic happens called high transpiration rate that helps bring back moisture into the room.

Adding nature in your space is immediately grounding & calming, we hope this helps start your journey of living in a semi jungle you can call home!