Plants Help Start A Conversation

A status on Facebook shared tips on romantic things guys could do for girls, and buying flowers made the list, obviously! But please, don’t limit the plant buying to roses and lilies – girls like different types of plants for their different types of personalities – so our tip would be to study the lady and find the right plant!

Think of when you had to gift someone special in your life, and maybe plants saved you from walking into a hospital room empty handed or helped maintain business relationships because you once gave them Cylamens.

Maybe you were in some kind awkward moment with a stranger then you spot a beautiful Ficus Lyrata and you just start talking about how beautiful the plant is, then you begin mentioning your favourite plants – and before you know it you’ve had an in-depth conversation about gardening. You even got tips on how to take care of your Philodendron Hope!

There are social media groups like @houseplantsenthusiasts that gather purely for the joy of discussing plants. They share images of their favourite plants, and they say things like, “It’s a beautiful morning and I’m grateful to be alive this AM posting from my happy place. However I am not thrilled to be broken…

Cheer me up & show me all your rare plants I need to invest in. I have over 50 different species as is but most are run of the mill varieties. (bonus points for varigation),” @Alexgemes.

Then his post would be filed with beautiful images of the plant suggestion made. Plant loving people are somehow are extra gentle with each other. We do with that these virtual groups become hangout sessions once have all been vaccinated from Covid19.

What we are trying to highlight here is that plants, all sorts of plants – edible, flowers, houseplants and the likes are useful for many reasons, including sparking with other humans.

We would love nothing more than a moment shared under a beautiful tree, a baobab preferably and enjoy connecting with other humans.

Plants are extremely useful you see!