Plant boxes: start family fun with gardening

Looking for an activity for your kiddie? And ready to share your love for gardening? Plantland is ready to take the fun outdoors with our fun plant boxes. Your child will not only have an arranged activity for each month but will also gain essential life lessons and skills. Read on to see why our garden club may be the next best decision you make for your child.


Plant fun(damentals) with kiddies plant boxes

Plantland is all about sharing the joys of gardening. And for your child, why not start in the wonder years? To instil the love for gardening at a young age, we have created specially designed plant boxes available through our Little Seedlings Kids Gardening Club. This monthly subscription offering includes a themed product with instructions and also a gardening surprise in each box. Your child sees a fun monthly activity, we see a world of learning and development opening up right before your eyes.

Blooming benefits — the perks of kiddies gardening

Not only a wonderful experience, but gardening is also an incredible activity that both engages and develops life skills. We listed some of our favourite reasons that will get any parent excited to introduce their child to gardening.

1. Promotes and encourages healthier eating

By being out in the garden and tending to crops, children become exposed to fruits and veggies from a young age. Growing their fresh produce will feel like a great accomplishment  — and they will be so proud to share and eat their harvested goodies. A grand achievement all around.

2. Provides moderate exercise and develops fine motor skills

Gardening is not for the faint-hearted. From lifting, scooping, placing and pouring, gardening is very much a physical activity. Kids will be so wrapped up in their project, they will hardly notice how active they are. Plus, little ones develop fine motor skills essential at their age. Moderate exercise and physical development? Excellent.

3. Brings in family fun and bonding

The experience of gardening will leave children more connected with the family. From asking questions, working on a project together and deciding as a group on what to plant — gardening is good for the family as it is for the child’s team skills. Plus, they will have fond memories of spending quality time with you. Precious.

4. Develops confidence, focus and patience

When gardening results in a beautiful bloom or a deliciously robust fruit or veggie, your child will feel a real sense of pride. Watching the magic unfold in the garden leaves your child feeling capable, accomplished and more patient. Once they know that time, understanding and effort lead to great things, they will appreciate how investing in a project is one of the greatest satisfactions. Not all things have to be rushed — they’ll learn to enjoy the process and be present in the moment.

5. Relieves stress, improves mood and psychological well-being

In a world where screens have taken over many of our interactions and time, disconnecting to connect with nature is a real stress buster. Immersing in the sounds of nature, breathing in the fresh air and grounding does wonders for the mind, body and soul. Children need time to unwind, too. And gardening provides a therapeutic answer as a mood booster.

6. Instills STEM and math skills

From learning the first-hand realities of the life cycle, gardening is a simple way to start the basics of science and critical thinking. Children learn to observe, plan and deduce through the challenges gardening presents. Letting them track metrics like growth and yield, or understanding the effect of weather patterns, is a great way to introduce analytical skills at a young age.

7. Being responsible and caring for the environment

Immersing in nature teaches children a whole new appreciation for the fragility of life and the responsibility we have in protecting it. Gardening brings a deeper sense of connection to the world around them. They will have an understanding of the basics of a balanced environment. Plus, they’ll cherish the wonderful lessons and experiences gardening has to offer them.

Garden, guide and grow together using plant boxes

May all your future gardening activities bring joy and rewards for you and your child. Ready to sign up your kids for Plantland’s Little Seedlings Kids Garden Club’s plant boxes? Be sure to sign in or register as a Plantland member. Alternatively, you can get a once-off gardening gift for a fun surprise!