Love grows here- Getting to know the colours of your rose garden

Love and roses go hand in hand – are you planting a rose garden this month of love? If so, discover the meaning of different rose colours, and express your adoration for nature (and your loved one) through a bright burst of colour in your backyard.

Rose colours and their meanings

A kiss of red

Seen as a reflection of the perfect beauty, the classic red rose is a traditional symbol of love and romance. The deeper the red, the more ‘unconscious’ its beauty. And like true love, endures endlessly. Explore our favourite red rose varieties below:

  • Builders Passion Red : Evocative and full-bodied, Builders Passion roses have a bright red colour that intensifies with age.
  • Grey Kollege Rose : Named after the boys’ school, Grey College, in Bloemfontein, Grey Kollege roses are long-stemmed and have an exquisite red colour.

Blushing pink

Delicate and sweet, the pale pink of a rose denotes feelings of affection and gentleness, and are often associated with admiration and happiness. The following varieties are some of our favourites in this colour:

  • Bloomin Easy Rose : A modern bouquet rose, the Bloomin Easy pink rose plant produces double pink flowers on each stem, with thick, bushy growth.
  • My Granny : One of our most popular roses, My Granny is a spreading shrub rose, with light pink, rosette-shaped blooms.
  • Princess Charlene De Monaco : Fresh and beautiful, and fit for a South African princess. These roses are pastel pink with a slight ochre tint.

Sunshine yellow

Feelings of warmth and associations of friendliness define the bright and cheerful yellow rose. They are often given in bouquets as a token of friendship and joy. Here are some of our most treasured yellow rose shrubs:

  • Stodels Beauty : This rose shrub yields distinctive, bright golden-yellow blooms with a small red edge.
  • Germiston Gold : The floriferous Germiston Gold produces a magnificent display of golden-yellow roses with sharp, pointed buds.

Pure white

Pure and unassuming, the crisp white rose represents innocence and charm, and is often associated with new beginnings. There are plenty of gorgeous white roses to choose from for your rose garden, but we’ve picked out our top three for you below:

  • Iceberg : South Africa’s rose garden number one, the free-flowering Iceberg plant yields stunning white roses in abundance.
  • Flower Carpet : As its name suggests, the deciduous Flower Carpet spreads into a thick bush of pure white roses.

Electric orange

The vibrant orange rose symbolises energy and excitement, a passionate desire and romantic connection. If you’re interested in planting orange roses in your garden, consider these:

  • Nelson Mandela Rose : Named in honour of Nelson Mandela, these fiery orange roses are disease-resistant and grow to more than a metre in height.
  • King David : The King David variety yields beautiful, bronze-coloured blooms that make excellent cut flowers in arrangements.
  • Just Joey : With its fruity fragrance and large, copper-apricot-coloured double roses, Just Joey is a rose garden go-to.

Perfect peach

A symbol of appreciation, the soft and elegant-looking peach rose expressed gratitude for a relationship. If you love peach roses as much as we do, take a look at this variety:

  • Bloomin Easy Rose : This scented, climbing rose shrub produces cream-peach blooms with undertones of pink.

Is your rose garden feeling the love?

Now that you know the different rose colour meanings, all that’s left to do is order your flowers so you can get planting. So go on, get on those gardening gloves and show your rose garden some TLC this month of love.