Essential Efekto products for a pest-free home and garden

Are pest problems popping up all over the place? When it comes to reining in the culprits, we highly recommend solutions from Efekto. This pest control company has been providing products for in and around the home and garden since 1973. We know many of our patrons are repeat customers of their broad range of small pack insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. We give a sneak peek at some Efekto products we rate as must-haves for a well-functioning home and garden.

Control pests with the experts, effectively

Explore our staff’s top picks for our favourite Efekto products for diseases and insect pests in the garden and a specialised product designed to control rodents around the home. Be sure to also refer back to our guides on pest control tipscommon garden pests, and ants in the garden for more information.

Plant pest prevention

First on our list, we showcase popular insect pest solutions that provide real results.

Efekto Garden Gun

Can you envision immediate results? Get ready to see it to believe it with this ready-to-use spray that kills insects within minutes after use. It leaves lasting protection for up to 14 days and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is recommended to avoid using outdoors when rain is on its way – it won’t be as effective if washed away!

How to use

Spray thoroughly when you first see insects. If necessary, repeat spray after 14 days for houseplants and 7- 10 days for garden plants.


Ants, aphids, astylus beetles, Australian bug, chafer beetles, loopers, soft brown scale, thrips, and whitefly.

Efekto Insecticide Granules Plus

Behold a revolution in garden pest control! It controls a wide range of pests and continues to work inside the plant for up to 8 weeks. Nothing could be quicker or more convenient to use. It is

easy to carry around the garden when you are busy checking for signs of sucking insects. With just a quick application to the root system, you will prevent aphid populations from multiplying into a problem that will lead to weakening your plants and disfiguring stems, leaves and buds.


Conifer aphids, thrips, mealybugs and scale.

Use to protect

Outdoor conifers, roses, shrubs, groundcover and other garden plants.

Efekto Eco Insect Control SC

We admit, it is not easy to find a fast-acting natural insecticide that can be used on all fruit and vegetables – but we reckon this is it. This product is approved for use on edible produce, lawns and garden plants. Plus, it contains spinosad, a natural insecticide.

When you spray the affected plants, the natural insecticide kills and controls pests.


American bollworm, diamondback moth larvae, lawn caterpillar, thrips, tomato semi-looper, lily borer, and Western flower thrips.

Use to protect

Chives, cucurbits, green beans, lawns, leeks, lettuce, onions, garden pants, peas, spinach, tomatoes, and roses.

Efekto Kumulus WG

Meet the new handy addition to your pest control tool belt. This product is a fungicide and acaricide – meaning it controls disfiguring pests and mildew that are responsible for distorting growth, and weakening your plants.

This product contains granular sulphur, a mineral that occurs in nature. And when it is mixed with a wetter, the combination forms an efficient pest control solution. It is the only sulphur product with three distinct particle sizes, each with a specific function:

  • The smallest particles – begin working immediately through contact and vapour activity once applied to the plant surface.
  • The medium-sized particles – erode slowly and provide sustained release of active ingredients.
  • The larger particles – provide longer-term control.

How to use

Apply an early treatment when you first notice any of the listed pests. For best results, apply a protective spray before disease infections are established.


Powdery mildew, red spider mite, rust, scab, and thrips.

Efekto Malasol

Stop bugs munching your vegetables before you do! Not only does this product solve pest problems in the garden, but it also combats destructive pests while maintaining low toxicity to humans – making it safe for use in the home.

Controls indoor pests

Ants, bedbugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fish moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes.

Use on

Flowers, fruit trees, lawns, roses, shrubs, trees, and vegetables.

Use on lawns to control

Ants, armyworms, crickets, and lawn caterpillars.

Efekto Virikop

A gardener wouldn’t be fully armed without a two-in-one solution. Virikop is both a protectant and preventative product – it must be applied to the plant surface before the disease occurs. This fungicide protects plants by controlling a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases. The ultra-fine particle size provides a denser and ultimately a more impenetrable barrier to disease infection.


Anthracnose, bacterial blight, bacterial canker, bacterial spot, black spot, downy mildew, gum spot, leaf curl, leaf spot, rust, scab, seedling blight and other soil-borne diseases.

Use on

Flowers, fruit, garden plants and vegetables.

Control insect pests in the home

Upgrade your home’s defences against invasive insects with Efekto at your side.

Efekto Bio-Kill Extra GT

This ready-to-use indoor and outdoor spray combines the advantages of a contact insecticide and an effective barrier spray, killing insects and protecting your property from further incursions.

Non-porous surfaces

Provides long-lasting control on timber, fibre cement, ceramic, glass, aluminium, and painted surfaces. The solution may last for up to two months, with the micro-capsules sticking to the insect’s body, which is then carried back to the nest or hiding place for total control. (This is provided that the surface is not exposed to weather or factors that may disturb it).

Porous surfaces

Residual effects will be significantly shorter on surfaces like bricks and concrete.

Controls garden and lawn pests

Harvester termites

Rat and mice pest control

Hearing scuttling, seeing chew marks and even signs of droppings? That rodent problem is about to get sorted with the leaders in the rodenticide industry.

Efekto Eco Rat™ with Bait Station

Drum roll, please! We are excited to share the only green colour band rodenticide on the market. Not only does it control infestations faster than conventional rodenticides, but it also offers a much lower risk of secondary poisoning to owls.

Efekto provides both tamper-resistant stations and Efekto Eco Rat™ (a ready-to-use bait), but also a combo pack station with bait. The bait is protected from dust, dirt, moisture and rainy conditions, as it is safely secured.

Always use a bait station. Remember to always wear gloves when handling the bait. This is not just for your safety, but also for the effectiveness of your treatment (rats and mice won’t be able to smell your scent when laying out the bait). Do not let children or pets interact with the bait station. Use gloves when cleaning bait stations.


When controlling rats and mice, it is important to not clean up their droppings right away. The faeces will act as a signal to the rodents that the area is safe and routinely travelled by themselves or other rodents, increasing your baiting rate. Once you notice that rodent activity has dropped – you can then clean and sanitise. If there is yellow staining and a pungent urine smell (on the bait inside the bait station), the rodents will not eat the bait. Check your bait station 2 – 3 times a week and always clean your bait station.

How to use

Watch this video tutorial to safely and effectively set up Efekto Eco Rat Bait Station.

Efekto pest control to the rescue!

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