6 Simple gardening tips to prepare your summer garden

It’s summertime, and the gardening is easy – or, at least, it should be. With the temperatures steadily on the rise, it’s time things started heating up in the garden. After all, there’s no better time to be outdoors, surrounded by nature, than during the long, (not so) lazy days of summer. Are you ready to get your summer gardening gloves on? We’ve got some handy gardening tips to help motivate your green thumb this season.

Fill the flower beds with colour

When it comes to your flower beds, bright, sunny days call for a kaleidoscope of colour. The start of the summer season is the perfect time to think about a garden refresh. Dahlias, Marigolds, Impatiens – when it comes to flowering plants, your options are endless. Go for a wild garden look, and let loose with a rainbow of colours everywhere, or make an impact by planting big blocks of one colour per flower bed. Whichever you choose, your garden is sure to be the talking point of the neighbourhood.

Brighten up the lawn

Your summer garden isn’t complete without a bright, lush lawn. Luckily, we have a few gardening tips up our sleeve to help you keep your grass looking great over the festive period. To start, ensure your lawn receives enough water during the warmer season to keep it looking vibrant. You can tell your grass needs watering when it feels crusty and brittle to the touch, but try not to let it reach this stage by watering regularly. You’ll also need to mow at regular intervals to stimulate growth and keep the lawn looking neat and tidy. When mowing, avoid cutting the grass too short – only cut a third of the length, and remember to keep your blades sharp. Lastly, don’t forget to feed your lawn with a good fertiliser. (If you visit one of our branches, we’ll happily point you in the direction of some fantastic products.)

Tidy up the edges

You’re sure to be having friends and family over for more braais now that the temperatures are on the rise. So, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for social gatherings. As we mentioned above, mowing the lawn is a great start, but there’s plenty more you can do to make your garden look spick and span. One of the simplest ways to give your garden an instant glow up is to create clean lines between your grass and flower beds. An easy and effective way to do this is by using bricks or wooden poles to create a low maintenance border around each bed. You should also neaten up your pathways by trimming back any encroaching grass and removing errant weeds. 

Make the most of mulch

No list of gardening tips would be complete without mentioning mulch. Mulching your flower beds is another way you can neaten the appearance of your garden and discourage unwanted weeds. It is also a great idea for areas with dry, hot summers, as the mulch helps the soil retain moisture and keep cool. Choose an organic mulch, such as bark, straw, or shredded leaves for a more natural look. These will provide extra benefit to your flower beds as they decompose, releasing valuable nutrients into the soil.

Water at the right time

One of the key components to creating a beautiful summer garden is knowing when to water. Watering during the day, especially when the sun is at its hottest, is a waste. The heat will evaporate most of the water, depriving the plants. Instead, ensure you quench your garden’s thirst either early morning or late evening. Your plants will be able to soak up all they need without the sun stealing away precious drops. 

Stay cool 

Not all of our summer gardening tips are for the benefit of your garden – this one is for you. To help beat the heat, make sure you create a few shaded spots for your outdoor furniture. Planting trees is a pretty, natural way to cool down your garden. (Browse our online store to discover some of the trees we have available.) Alternatively, you can erect an umbrella or awning to give yourself some relief from the sun’s rays. 

Are you ready to start using these gardening tips in your garden? Stock up with all the plants and supplies you need at your nearest Plantland Garden Centre. Or, if you live in Pretoria, order online and we’ll deliver.