5 garden design tips for a glorious outdoor space

No one likes to feel cooped up at home day after day. We all need to take time to clear out the cobwebs and experience nature, in one way or another. If you have a balcony, have a cup of tea out there and appreciate your surroundings. If you’ve got pot plants, pause for a bit to admire them. And of course, if you have a garden, take the opportunity to step outside into the sunshine. A winter garden can be so beautiful if you’ve taken the time to care for it. And guess what? Now you’ve got plenty of time to do so. If you want to use these next few weeks at home to seize the moment and step outside, consider these tips for creating a glorious garden design.

Garden design tips for your backyard:

1. Shape your lawn to perfection

Your lawn is the most ‘visible’ part of your garden. It covers the most land, and is the first thing that catches your eye when you step outside. It sets the tone for the rest of your outdoor space, so you’ll want to make sure you get it right. When planting your lawn, give it a strong shape, like a square, oval, circle, or rectangle. And when caring for it, make sure you mow it frequently so it looks immaculate, and ensure it receives enough water. No one likes a brown lawn!

2. Pave like a boss

Do you want to add some pathways to your garden, and happen to have some pavers lying around? If so, consider the colour of your pavers before placing them. Ask yourself, do they work with your current foliage, or the beds you plan to plant? And what sort of style do you want to execute? For example, grey or white stone pavers can create a sort of French, country look. Whereas black or silver paving lends itself more to a modern outdoor aesthetic, and golden pavers in a mixed pattern can portray an English country garden. Once you’ve settled on an aesthetic, lay your pavers, making sure there will be enough space to walk. Look at your current foliage and perhaps trim back where needed so there is enough space for people to walk through (about an elbow width on each side is ideal).

3. Coordinate your paving with your foliage

Once you have added paving to your garden design, plan the surrounding foliage in accordance with its colour scheme. For example, grey and white stones look stunning against purple and white blooms. Black and silver paving works well in contrast to bright red, orange and yellow flowers. And gold-toned paving suits soft bloom shades in pink, lavender and lemon yellow.

4. Keep the changing seasons in mind

At this time of year, winter plants that bloom in spring should be your first choice for your flower beds. You’ll want to get your garden off to a great start, so we’re sure a gorgeous spring show will be much appreciated. Plant seasonal flowers among indigenous ever-green plants and your favourite perennials for a stunning garden year-round.

5. Be strategic with your flower beds

When positioning your plants for your garden design, make sure the taller shrubs are set behind the smaller plants to create depth and fullness. You’ll want your beds to be about a metre in depth (depending on your chosen shrubs etc.) so there is enough room for root growth. If you only have enough space for shallow beds, opt for climbers – they will add that ‘height’ to your beds. And groundcovers with shallow root systems will also be ideal in this regard. If you need some plants to fill up your flower beds, explore our broad range.

Enjoy your stunning garden design year-round

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