Beautiful, fragrant and soothing…Lavender is the Queen of herbs.

Feeling tired of being cold and wintery? Spring flowering lavender is just the tonic for end of winter blues.

If you are feeling stressed or low  on energy, just rub the leaves and flowers with your fingers and breathe in its warm, soothing fragrance.

There is so much to appreciate about lavender. Its flowers touch our hearts, especially when we are given a bunch. After all, it is the herb of love.

Lavender flowers add extra bubbles to a glass of champagne and perfume delicious desserts, cakes and other baked goodies.

A cup of lavender tea soothes anxiety and irritability, especially those stress headaches. It even helps relieve indigestion and bloating. A sprig of lavender under the pillow at night helps us to sleep better.

Lavender is easy to grow, has low water needs and requires very little care but always looks good. Grow it as a companion with roses, use it to line a pathway, as a clipped hedge or in containers. Its silvery foliage lights up the garden at night.  Birds, bees and butterflies love it too.

Growing tips

  • Find a place for your lavender that gets full sun or plenty of morning sun.
  • You can plant lavender in ordinary garden soil, just add plenty of compost so that the soil drains well.
  • If you have clay soil rather plant your lavender in pots, using good quality potting soil.
  • Water regularly while plants are settling in. Once they are growing, water once a week or as necessary.
  • Allow space between plants so that the leaves dry quickly after watering. This  prevents fungus diseases.
  • Trim after each flush of flowers to encourage new flowers.

Try these four beautiful lavenders

Princess Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is simply irresistible. The large flower heads with their soft pink petals create a spectacular effect, especially when massed in a container or garden bed. The compact plants, with grey-green leaves perfectly complement the eye-catching flowers that are produced throughout summer.
Lavandula x intermedia ‘Margaret Roberts’ is a well-loved garden and container lavender because it never stops flowering. It grows into a magnificent, rounded shrub, 1 m high and wide, and produces perfumed light blue to violet-coloured flower spikes. It is very water wise, hardy and cold tolerant. The leaves have strong medicinal properties, ideal for healing teas.
Lavandula dentata var. ‘Elegans’ stands out for its pickable dark- purple flowers and dark green highly fragrant foliage. It’s an ideal feature plant for patio containers as well as in the garden. Cut the flowers for the home or use them to make pot-pourri.
Lavandula stoechas ‘Hollard’ is one of the first lavenders to flower in spring, with a profusion of dark purple violet flowers, that show off against the silvery-green leaves. It is a compact, neat plant for pots and small garden spaces.


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