Coleus ‘Redhead’


The Coleus ‘Redhead’ plant is a stunning tropical gem, renowned for its captivating beauty and vibrant foliage. This tender evergreen perennial boasts leaves in a striking shade of dark red, adding a rich and luxurious touch to any garden or indoor space. With its compact and upright growth habit, ‘Redhead’ is a perfect choice for beds, borders, or containers, where its foliage can truly stand out.

One of the remarkable features of this plant is its adaptability to partial shade, thriving in areas with less direct sunlight while still maintaining its intense coloration. Whether used as a focal point or as part of a mixed planting scheme, ‘Redhead’ brings a burst of vivid color and visual interest wherever it is placed.

Maintenance of Coleus ‘Redhead’ is relatively easy, requiring regular pinching back of the stems to encourage bushier growth and prevent leggedness. This simple task not only promotes a fuller, more compact plant but also helps to prolong the display of its stunning foliage.

Overall, Coleus ‘Redhead’ is a versatile and eye-catching plant that adds a touch of tropical allure to any garden or indoor space, making it a must-have for plant enthusiasts seeking bold and beautiful botanical accents.

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