Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Assortment Gardening Sheers

Used to trim and shape plants, deadhead, prune

out dead or damaged foliage and small branches, and cut back perennials.

Garden Spade & Fork

Garden spade and Fork for all that gardening maintenance you need to do.

Gardening Hand Tools

Great for working in the garden and planting

small plants.

Hosepipe Hose Reel

Hosepipe/ hose reel all plants need water, this is a great way to achieve this.

Kids Gardening Accessories

Kids gardening Accessories, no need to worry about dirty feet and hands, now your kids can do clean gardening.

Kids Gardening Tools

Kids Gardening tools, what better way to make gardening fun, by your kids helping you.

Kids Planting Kit - Starter Pack

What better way to make gardening fun for the


Quick Hose Mender

Quick hose mender, quick and easy way to connect to hose pipes.

T Labels

T-Labels use to label your plants or vegetables.

Twist Tie Wire

Twist tie wire, is your garden roses floppy? Use this to tie down your rose on a stake.

Flow 1500 std - Pond & Fountain Pump

From 400l/hr up to 8500l/hr we supply Pond Pumps with an Industry Leading 3yr guarantee

They include a pre-filter and adjustable flow rate

They can be used in line and submerged in fresh or salt water. They are often used in food grade applications like sherry fountains. The Impeller is a Coated Single piece that makes them last much longer than anything else on the market. They come in short or 10m long cable options.


PG - KOI Dam Pumps

From 800l/hr up to 2800l/hr

They can be used in line and submerged in fresh or salt water.

They are super low power consumption pumps and a favourite for Koi dams and Display fountains

Fountian Nozzel 4 in 1 kit

Nozzel Kits and Tubing etc