Your APRIL check list:


Annuals & Bulbs:

Winter bulbs are now in all stores! Maximise flower-power with regular feeding. Foliar feed containers every 2 weeks (we recommend Nitrosol or Multifeed), garden beds should be fertilized monthly.



April is a great time to plant new roses. Plant now and let them settle so your spring garden gains the full benefit of the first rose bloom flush.



Weed control is key in April. Weeds in paving and other unwanted area’s can be treated with a non-selective herbicide ie. Efekto ClearUp or RoundUp gel. Our knowledgeable Plantland staff will help you select the best product for your garden.


General Garden Maintenance

We all know plant nutrition is important, but understanding fertilizers can be complicated. For a very simplistic overview of what, when and how – watch this Youtube clip:
















Edibles – Herbs & Veggies

Feed, feed, feed! Side dress edibles with Wonder 2:3:2.  Apply Wondersol All Purpose Plant Food to the drip line of fruit trees ie Citrus & Avocado’s. (Drip line applications; where the water would ‘drip’ off the foliage)

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