Your AUGUST check list:


Annuals & Bulbs:

Small in stature but BIG in impact! Annuals add excitement and energy that transforms beds, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.


Roses & Pruning:

Banksia Roses are the ‘first’ to flower after winter. All roses should be fed prior to flushing – Gwano Pellets and Guanoflo offer an organic, nutrient rich, natural fertilizer alternative. Now on promo in all stores.



August is LAWN MONTH!! Revitalize your tired winter lawn with Malanseuns Brilliant Top Soil in these 3 easy steps:

1. Mow the lawn short, aerate & add Bonemeal/Wonder 7:1:3.

2. Spread TopSoil ± 2.5cm deep; ensure the lawn tips are visible

3. Water thoroughly for 3 days and then deeply every 2nd day

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General Garden Maintenance:

‘Spring Clean’ your garden! Put on the gardening gloves, grab the secateurs and get busy… Cut away dead branches, split/divide large clumping plants and weed out the unwanted.


Edible gardening: Herbs & Veggies

Established vegetables need regular feeding and watering. Mulch between rows to reduce weed growth and increase water holding. Prune perennial herbs such as lavender, rosemary, mint & thyme.










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