Annuals & Bulbs:

Prolong the flower-power of annuals with regular foliar feeding.

Dead-head spent flower blooms regularly to encourage new flower growth.


Roses & Pruning:

Add mulch to rose beds to maintain soil temperatures and reduce evaporation. Mulching is a functional water-wise practice for all plants.



Water lawns (& your entire garden) more regularly. Water for longer periods less frequently. Also make sure to water in the cooler morning or evenings (water evaporations is much higher in the heat of the day).


General Garden Maintenance:

Water-wise gardening is here to stay! Invest in a reputable irrigation system that incorporates timers to make water use efficient and maintenance easy.


Edible gardening: Herbs & Veggies

Spring is the ideal time to plant warm season favourites such as tomatoes, egg plant, lettuce, pumpkin & more.

Visit Plantland to replenish the veggie garden! Stagger plantings to ensure a continuous supply of fresh, healthy harvests. Include marigolds, chamomile and borage as companion plants to ward off pests.











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