Pest Control

Pest Control

NutriGreen Assortment

NutriGreen-  Reeks


Flower Power:

Organic based, chemical en carbon enriched-

·         Ideal for ornamental plants, including annual and perennial plants, roses, shrubs, fruit trees, trees, vegetables, herbs and

all flowering and fruit bearing plants


Gro Green:

Organic based, chemical en carbon enriched-

·         Ideal for new or established lawns and evergreen plants


Gwano Pellets:

100% organic carbon enriched

·         Balanced general fertiliser for your entire garden, ideal for lawns, trees, shrubs, fruit trees, roses, vegetables, herbs and

flowering and fruit bearing plants

Lawn Versus Weeds

• Controls broad leaf weeds on lawns

• Wetter/spreader ensures excellent performance

• Does not kill lawn

Nip-it Ant Control

·         Controls ants, eradicates whole colony within one week, including queen 99 % organic, low toxicity to humans and pets

·         Small granule, any size ant can pick up granule

·         Not a contact insecticide, not necessary to open nest or disturb normal ant activity

Complete 350 SC

·         Controls aphids, leaf miners, psylla, redscale and thrips on citrus trees and aphids on potatoes, cucurbits and

roses as well as whiteflies on tomatoes

·         Strong concentration active ingredient

·         Sucking and biting insects

·         Preventative and corrective control

·         Long lasting action

·         Seasonal application

·         Soil drench and foliar application

Knapsack Sprayers 16 liter

Stainless steel Chemicals Safe Lance, Stainless Steel nozzle.

Pressure Spray

Pressure Spray, perfect for mixing your insecticides, fungicides. And a

great way to not make your hands dirty.