To Do List

March Checklist


Annuals & Bulbs:

  • Boost flowering!! Feed, feed, feed!
  • Keep soil moist, containers dry out quickly…
  • Alyssum, Arctotis, Dianthus, Foxgloves, Impatiens, Petunias, Verbena and more
  • Seasonal favourites Namaqualand Daisies & Sweetpea seed in store!



  • Autumn is a great time to plant new roses!
  • Reduce watering, twice weekly is ideal
  • Boost flowering with Wonder 8:1:5 for Roses
  • Rosecare 3 controls aphids, blackspot and mildew



  • Autumn is ‘grass seed sowing time’
  • Oversow existing seed lawns ie. ryegrass types
  • Control broadleaf weeds with Efekto Hormoban and Turfweeder
  • Continue to control Mole Crickets with Zero Mole Cricket.



  • Keep your garden tidy! Deadhead regularly
  • After the good rain, reduce watering frequency but for longer periods
  • Protect conifers NOW against ‘Cypress Aphid’. Efekto Garden Ripcord or Insecticide Granules offer year round protection
  • Feed outdoor containers every 2 weeks, indoor plants monthly with Multifeed


Edible gardening:

  • Now is the time to sow cabbage, swiss chard, turnips, spinach, radish, onions, lettuce, beetroot, carrots, peas, broccoli, kale & broadbean.
  • Herbs thrive in hot weather. Harvest regularly to promote new growth
  • Protect new (and old!) plants with cutworm and snail bait
  • Side dress with Wonder Organic 2:3:4 for hearty healthy produce.

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