Garden Decor

Garden Decor

Artificial Flowers

Looks realistic like real flowers but needs far less

attention. Put them in a nice pot for days of colour.

Cactus Gifts

Already planted up living gift for family and friends.

Assortment Pebbles

Assortment pebbles can be used to fill up empty spaces in your garden. Pebbles is used to create nice patterns and pathways.

Wall Decor Butterflies

After decorating your garden add a few wall décor to your house.

Wall Decor Spiral Butterflies

After decorating your garden add a few wall décor to your house.

Cover Pot Garden Decor

Cover pot/ garden pot can be used  as a gift or to pot over your plastic planting pot.


Garden Accessories

Nice variety of garden gnomes, wild animals, old people status, to bring some live into your garden.


Assortment Bonsai Trees

Assorted Bonsais ornamental, artificially dwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in pots.

Coir Hanging Basket

Coir hanging baskets good for drainage and used for an instant hanging basket for in your garden.

Fountian Nozzel 4 in 1 kit

    Stainless steel Chemicals Safe Lance, Stainless Steeel nozzle

Flow 1500 std - Pond & Fountain Pump

From 400l/hr up to 8500l/hr we supply Pond Pumps with an Industry Leading 3yr guarantee

They include a pre-filter and adjustable flow rate

They can be used in line and submerged in fresh or salt water. They are often used in food grade applications like sherry fountains. The Impeller is a Coated Single piece that makes them last much longer than anything else on the market. They come in short or 10m long cable options.


Fountian Nozzel 4 in 1 kit

Nozzel Kits and Tubing etc