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Many gardeners are intimidated by rose pruning – when in fact, there is nothing to be nervous about.

The purpose of pruning is to remove dead wood and selectively ‘choose’ strong buds to thrive in the new season. Pruning promotes healthy plant growth and development. It encourages flowering, promotes healthy foliage and rejuvenates the entire plant.

Selecting the bud which you feel is the strongest and best allows the fresh, new growth to be its best and to grow, exactly as YOU would like it to grow

There are a few simple guidelines to follow, but other than that, there is no right and wrong…, so relax and do your best, whilst enjoying the time in your garden.


How pruning should look like – Before and After:

pruing - before & after

Pruning positioning of bud:

pruning position of bud

Pruning to outward facing bud:

pruning to outward facing bud

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