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Prepare your lawn by mowing it short and scarify if possible. This allows the dry dead grass to be removed so the lawn dressing can penetrate the soil more easily.

Always apply fertilizer to the dry lawn before applying lawn dressing. Plantland recommend Wonder Vitaliser Lawn & Leaf or if you prefer an organic fertilizer use Wonder Organic Lawn + Leaf+C. Broadcast by hand or with a spreader, at a rate of 20g per m2.

Thereafter spread lawn dressing over your lawn using the back of a rake. The thickness of the layer may vary, but the tips of the lawn should be visible through the lawn dressing. A 30dm3 bag covers ±3m2 depending on the type of lawn and the length of the grass.

Water thoroughly to dissolve the fertilizer and to initiate lawn growth.

Continue watering regularly until the lawn is established.

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