Fertilizer Do’s & Don’ts

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  • Don’t apply any fertilizer until you have read the directions carefully.
  • Don’t try to apply one or two year’s supply of fertiliser at the one time. It is far better to provide little and often; trying to get fast growth by a heavy application is a recipe for plant failure.
  • Don’t apply fertiliser to a lawn and then neglect to water it in very thoroughly, especially in hot weather. It is inevitable that leaf burn will occur with careless applications of fertiliser on lawns.
  • Don’t continually fertilise lawns with Wonder Ammonium Sulphate, as it encourages excessive top growth. It can also alter the soil pH level towards acid conditions (which grasses don’t like). It is okay to apply the occasional feed with Wonder Ammonium Sulphate providing there are follow up applications of a complete lawn food like Wonder Vitaliser Lawn & Leaf 7:1:3 (15) + C (8) SR.
  • To raise the pH of your soil when it is too acidic use Wonder Agricultural Lime.
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